Our Exhibition In 2016 FIC--------☆☆☆☆☆
Posttime:2016/4/1 9:42:11   Readtimes:2597
This time, our company Hangzhou Focus Corporation were well prepared for the 2016 FIC, and we gain much from it.
Our Booth was much bigger than last year, and the booth design is simple, clean and tidy. We showed our main products: Instant Dry Yeast, Vanillin, Vanillia, Saccharin, Lecithin and so on. Many foreign clients and Chinese ingredients industries were attracted to our booth because of enthusiasm of our sales. Especially Swallow, one of our sales, she put her all energy into the job, seized every opportunity to show our products. Moreover, many general clients supported our exhibition and placed some orders.
The 2016 FIC lasted 3 days, we not only gained many new clients information, but also maintained the relationship with old clients. The exhibition was end at 3:00pm, Mar 25,2016,we took pictures with clients, colleague. What a pefect 2016 FIC!
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